The Pointy-Toed Mexican Boots

The Pundit of Instant has just linked to the Daily Mail story about the ridiculous trend emerging from the rural wilds of northern Mexico, the pointy-toed, botas picuadas, worn by the young men of San Luis Potosi.


Naturally, the few months back, your humble shoeblogger, the Manolo, was among the first bloggers on the interwebs to notice this eruption of ridiculosity, which he compared to the pointy-toed poulaines worn by the dandies of Medieval Europe.

The key to understanding this trend is that it is confined mostly to the teenaged boys, who being the teenaged boys, are suffering from the dual curse of excessive testosterone and low common sense.

But this is the modern era, and mere words alone cannot convey the utter silliness of this fad, not when amateur video abounds.

This video, above, in which the boy tries to explain his boots to the working men, never fails to make the Manolo chuckle.

Finally, if you live in the Southwest, do not worry, soon you will be able to see these boots in person, as they have begun to appear on the feets of peoples in Houston, Oklahoma City, and Dallas!


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