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Lottery winner still collects food stamps

Hey Christian, I’ll see your adult baby guy and raise you a Michigan millionaire lottery winner who still collects food stamps.

Leroy Fick, 59, of Auburn won $2 million in the state lottery TV show “Make Me Rich!” last June. But the state’s Department of Human Services determined he was still eligible for food stamps, Fick’s attorney, John Wilson of Midland, said Tuesday.

Eligibility for food stamps is based on gross income and follows federal guidelines; lottery winnings are considered liquid assets and don’t count as income. As long as Fick’s gross income stays below the eligibility requirement for food stamps, he can receive them, even if he has a million dollars in the bank.

He won last June, and was on food stamps at the time so he just continued to keep the welfare rolling in. Check out Mr. Fick’s attitude of gratitude.

“If you’re going to try to make me feel bad, you’re not going to do it,” Fick told WNEM-TV in Saginaw on Monday.

Now that it has become an embarrassing story, the state of Michigan is trying to get a federal waiver so that it can cut the millionaire off from welfare. That it has to seek such a waiver says all too much.