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Donna Brazile sees new voter ID laws, throws down the race card

ACORN’s widespread frauds and crimes never happened in Donna Brazile’s world.

The motivation is political — a cynical effort to restrict voting by traditionally Democratic-leaning Americans. In more than 30 states, GOP legislators are on the move, from a sweeping rewrite of Florida’s election laws to new rules for photo identification in Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina and more than 20 other states.

As a result, 11% of Americans —21 million citizens of voting age who lack proper photo identification — could be turned away on Election Day. And these people tend to be most highly concentrated among people of color, the poor, the young and the old.

Actually the motivation is to clean up our elections to ensure that they are free, clean and fair — not subjected by vote brokering or manipulated by Big Labor or ACORN’s descendants. Democrats like Brazile must be terrified that if election cheating ends, their side has less chance of “winning.”