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The State Department's Finest Hour

Yes, Virginia, there may yet be hope for U.S. foreign policy. Josh Rogin reports that the State Department has snubbed Jimmy Carter and his fellow “Elders,” declining to make anyone available to listen to Carter’s tales of his latest trip to North Korea. By one account, attributed to an unnamed “alleged eye witness” — which I’d consider unconfirmed, but gratifying to imagine — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when offered the chance to meet with Carter, said, “Hell, no!!”

Now, if only the State Department instead of considering yet more aid to North Korea would advise Kim Jong Il that the U.S. can offer an excellent plan for feeding all his people: he and his clan can step down, open up the country, replace totalitarian Juche with free markets, and — to get through any immediate emergency — reallocate the resources now being poured into the military, nuclear weapons and missile development, and instead use Kim’s pocket money to buy food in world markets. (Hey, one can always dream).