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Huge anti-Israel demonstration in Cairo

Watching events in Egypt over the past weeks has been like watching the proverbial train wreck in slow motion. It’s obvious that disaster is unfolding, but just as obvious that there is little if anything we can do about it. The latest from our probably soon to be former ally may be the most disheartening yet.

Activists had called for a mass show of unity on Friday, a week after 15 people were killed in sectarian violence in the country.

But many of those gathered in the square were there to show their support for Palestinian unity, ahead of “Nakba day”, marking the creation of the state of Israel and displacement of thousands of Palestinians.

Demonstrators also celebrated the reconciliation deal signed recently between Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian factions.

Barry Rubin picks up on how the demonstrators organized: facebook. So this is a demonstration of the young and tech savvy, and they’re anti-Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood may or may not win a majority of power in Egypt’s elections this fall, but the sad truth is they may not have to, in order for Egypt to move farther down the trail that Iran’s “student revolution” blazed in 1979.