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Outrage: Democrats bring illegal aliens to Austin to testify at education hearing

Duke Machado, one of central Texas’ leading Hispanic Republican activists, went to Austin Wednesday to testify in favor of a bill that would cut off  taxpayer-funded financial aid to illegal aliens. He was shocked at what he saw when state Democratic Sen. Judity Zarririni brought in her witnesses against the bill.

Senator :  “Ms. Vicentes, I noticed you used the term undocumented…and I appreciate that.  Is that your preferred terminology?”

Ms. Vicentes : “Yes Ma’am.”

Senator : “There are people who use the word “illegal” and “aliens,” how do you feel about those terms?”

Ms. Vincentes : “I don’t feel that any human is illegal…and that all humans are humans, therefore we are not aliens.  Undocumented is the proper term becuase it is lack of documentation, like a social security number, that makes us different.”

I sat in disbelief as I watched someone, not a citizen of Texas or the United States, sit there in our Texas Capitol and suggest we are discriminating against her and her fellow illegal college students right after admitting she has lived here for over a decade illegally.

One after another, one illegal student after another, they lined up and said things like “this bill will steal our dream” or “…I can barely afford tuition now, much less if I have to pay out-of-state tuition.”  All but one of the students were from Texas A&M…how did they say it…”I’m a proud Aggie of the class of 2013, and I’m an undocumented citizen.”  Some contradicted themselves by suggesting they would be proud to become Americans, yet could not understand that laws are designed to protect the citizens from undue taxation, which this is.  They acted as if the laws didn’t apply to them.  They felt as if they deserve to continue receiving our money.

After a half dozen or so testimonies from illegal students, the Chair called our good friend Daniel Cervera.  He had the benefit of hearing all testimony to that point, and when he got the opportunity to speak, he hit on all the points that were missed, driving home the message…Texas is what it is because of the rule of law, explaining to the students, “I still have family in Mexico, I don’t go down to visit them because it’s too dangerous.  It’s dangerous because the laws have broken down.  Unless we want that here in Texas, we have to uphold the law.”

Listen to Daniel Cervera’s testimony here –> Daniel Cervera Testimony.

Read the rest and listen to the testimony over at GOPIsForMe. I wasn’t there but it’s obvious that the Democrats demonstrated their usual contempt for the rule of law, and time after time played the one card they always carry in their hand — the race card.