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Does Denmark want moats and alligators on its borders with Germany and Sweden?

Maybe so. The Arab Spring has the Danes scrambling to cut off the flow of immigrants from all those new democracies.

Passport-free travel across the ‘Schengen’ area, which does not include Britain or Ireland, has come under unprecedented pressure after Italy gave residence permits to more than 25,000 Arabs last month, allowing them unfettered access to the rest of the EU.

The European Commission was last week forced to propose the reintroduction of temporary passport controls as “under very exception circumstances” after a conflict between France and Italy threatened to destroy the border-free zone. …

“Over the past few years we have seen an increase in trans-border crime, and this is designed to curb the problem. We will be building new facilities at the Danish-German border, with new electronic equipment and number-plate identifiers,” he said.

Trans-border crime, huh? Don’t say that anywhere near our feckless president, or he’ll accuse you of being an alligator-loving goalpost mover.