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Daily Caller: GOP senators drop 'bomb' on NLRB

What the three — Sens. Graham, DeMint and Alexander — actually dropped is a bill that would specifically prohibit the NRLB from doing what it’s doing to Boeing in South Carolina. Which the NLRB shouldn’t be doing, as it’s not only nonsense, it’s an obvious end around state level right to work laws. So the senators are proposing legislation to stop them, which is good. A “bomb,” however, it is not. A “bomb” would be a stealth bill to defund the NLRB, or ban any unconfirmed member of the board from having any say on any cases, which would cut the SEIU lawyer, Craig Becker, from having any influence until the Senate actually confirms him. Or banning union lawyers from serving on it, which would cut him out altogether. That would be a “bomb.”

DeMint explained that unionization has had a stifling effect on business and that right-to-work states are part of creating a prosperous future for America — where jobs stay in the United States.

“Right to work states have more business growth, more new jobs, and faster rising incomes than forced-unionism states,” he said. “What the NLRB has done in the Boeing case is a threat to workers and businesses in every state. The NLRB is encouraging companies to take their jobs and investment overseas. This is a reprehensible act and an obvious kickback to union bosses the President is depending on helping his reelection. Unless we pass this bill, every worker and business in this nation is under the threat that if they don’t do what union bosses want, this administration will come after you.”

Graham charged that the NLRB’s actions have been damaging to South Carolina and explained that his legislation would ensure that bodies like the NLRB are unable to take over the decision making capabilities of private companies.