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Arab brothers, help Hamas.... Pretty please, help Hamas!

The poor fellows at the Palestinian Authority have a problem. From the JPost:

The Palestinian Authority appealed to Arab countries on Wednesday to pay the salaries of 155,000 government workers after Israel decided to suspend the transfer of tax funds to the PA.

“We say to our Arab brothers: save us. We need your help more than any time before. It is the moment of truth,” Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad told a news briefing in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Public sector workers’ April salaries were about a week overdue following Israel’s decision, taken in protest at a Palestinian unity deal involving the Islamist group Hamas.

The Israeli government decided on May 1 to halt the transfer of Palestinian customs and other levies which make up 70 percent of PA revenues, citing fears that the money would go to Hamas, a terrorist group.

On Monday Fayyad said the PA had not been able to pay public sector salaries for the first time since 2007, putting it in an impossible financial position.

Fayyad said the April bill totals $170 million which the PA will not be able to pay unless Arabs and others intervene.

Aw, gee, Salam. I feel your pain. But Bashar and Muammar are kind of busy now. And the Saudis aren’t exactly on Hamas’ team,’cause of Iran, you know what I mean? You probably need one of those self-hating Jews to help you – the kind that would have paid the prison guards at Auschwitz – but sheesh if Goldstone didn’t just recant his report… Wait a minute. I know who might help you guys out of this… Go here.