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Who are you gonna believe, President Obama or your lying eyes?

The media needs to get something straight: President Obama is not visiting Texas to speak on immigration issues. The trip to Texas was scheduled months ago, as an Austin fundraiser. The El Paso part of the trip was added a week ago to give the trip the veneer of “official” business, so the taxpayers, rather than Obama’s campaign, can pick up at least some of the tab.

So this isn’t a policy visit. It’s a political visit to generate a portion of the billion dollars Obama plans to spend on his re-election, and to a state that Obama has treated shabbily from day one of his presidency.

But as to the “policy” part of his visit, he will apparently tell his audience in El Paso that the border is as secure as it has ever been. He will say this while the drug war threatens to claim an entire lake, and the local economy along with it, on the Texas-Mexico border. He will say this at a time when bullets from the war in Ciudad-Juarez zoom across the border and strike buildings including city hall in El Paso. He will say this while Texans living in Laredo have all but given up crossing into Nuevo Laredo, fearing they will be shot or kidnapped. He will say this while there is increasing evidence that terrorist group Hezbollah is setting up shop on the Mexican side, while the border remains open to drug smugglers, human traffickers and just about anyone else who wants to cross. If they can cross, and they can and do with impunity, so can the terrorists.

In other words, when President Obama speaks in El Paso, he will be lying. For Texans, he will be lying to our faces, about an issue we deal with every day, on our dime. And he will be playing his liberal, open borders supporting base, like a fiddle. He throws them a speech, feints in their direction, then goes back to counting his campaign money. Everything to this president is a political issue to exploit, even the lives and livelihoods of citizens in the border states. This president increasingly behaves as if he only considers himself president of some of the states, not President of the United States. It’s fitting, then, that he comes here to play his base while parts of the state of Texas literally burn.