Video: Obama -- Osama bin gotten should "inspire us to finish what we started"

As Allah notes, The One didn’t bring up Osama himself. He doesn’t need to, not when his fanboys will shout it out from the rooftops for him every chance they get. Obama was giving his usual stump speech at his soiree in Austin, going through the “we’ve made so much progress” stuff, riffing on his hopeychangey themes and generally being his one-note self, when some yayhoo shouts “Thank you for getting bin Laden!” As if Obama himself was riding in that stealth Blackhawk clutching an automatic rifle, grenades strapped to his chest, fast roping down into the compound to look the old terrorist right into the eye before putting a bullet in it. The most that can be said is that Obama made the same decision that Bush made at least twice — to send in a commando team to get bin Laden — but that it finally happened on Obama’s watch. That’s the most that can be said of him. And there’s scuttlebutt that he wasn’t all that decisive in making the call, unless you’re cool with giving bin Laden a possible 16 hour window to escape while Brackets thought it over. More like Granted, the latter isn’t likely to catch on.


Here’s the cut from Obama’s speech.

So anyway, back to Austin, where Obama gave the second partisan speech of the day while ignoring the wildfires raging in another part of the state. Had Bush visited a state in the midst of a crisis and then gone out of his way to avoid visiting those in need or at least surveying the area, we would still be hearing about it today. Spike Lee would have made two movies about it. Kanye West would have cut an album with the Black Eyed Peas doing backup, and Barbra Streisand would misspell every word about it on her blog. Michael Moore would’ve eaten someone.

Obama did that today. This president came to Texas, gave two very partisan speeches, neglected a disaster zone, and left with bags of cash. And the Democrats who hosted him and gave him a pile of money? They’re fine with it, apparently. Hopefully most Texans aren’t, and will remember how the state’s Democrats consistently put politics ahead of the needs of their own state.


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