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'Social justice' in San Fran government costs the city millions

But the liberals who run the city don’t care. It makes them feel good to use other people’s money this way.

Markups from approved vendors range from 10 to 150 percent, employees said, with one calling the city’s requirement that contractors provide health care benefits for domestic partners “the expensive white elephant standing in the middle of the room (that) no one wants to mention.”

Some vendors are suspected of being little more than middlemen who comply with San Francisco’s very specific requirements for contractors – like disclosing historic ties to slavery and providing domestic partner benefits, a provision known as 12B because of its chapter in the Administrative Code – then turn around and buy the products from companies that don’t meet the restrictions, city officials acknowledge.

SF claims they’re trying to clean up the system. Meanwhile, President Obama is trying to politicize government contracting on a national scale.