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Obama's pathetic El Paso speech (Update: Video link added)

As predicted, the president spoke in El Paso, Texas today, where he conflated legal and illegal immigration, pushed for the DREAM Act, and showed his longstanding contempt for the rule of law as regards our immigration system. President Obama knows the DREAM Act is dead in the water, as is the overall push for “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is code for amnesty. Everyone knows all this, and everyone knows the policy is going to go nowhere for the remainder of Obama’s term.

He is pushing this issue now purely for politics. He is playing Hispanic voters for suckers while the national economy melts down, the way Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. He has played them for suckers throughout his presidency.

The good news is, there is evidence that Hispanics are on to Obama’s games and they’re not willing to play. At the Hispanic conservative site GOPIsForMe today, activist Duke Machado slams policies like the ones Obama is pushing, and hails a hero who is pushing to end in-state tuition for illegal aliens in Texas.

Today I read an article in the Austin American Statesman regarding a proposed bill on Higher Education. The author, Senator Brian Birdwell (SD-22) would like to end state funded financial aid to illegal citizens, releasing Texas residents from the financial burden and using that money for Texas residents who can prove residency. For the record, I fully support the Bill.

According to the Statesman, an “angry Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, insisted the change will unfairly punish college-age children for a mistake by their parents.” The Statesman also added several comments from Democratic representatives who’s summation was that Senator Birdwell’s bill is unfailry forcing illegal students to pay out-of-state tuition, denying them of their right to Texas taxpayer’s money for financial aid.

It is absurd to think about someone who is NOT a citizen as having equal rights as a U.S. citizens.

Perhaps the worst line in the president’s speech came when, in pushing for the DREAM Act, called for the US to “stop punishing children for the sins of their parents.” He is referring to parents who travel to the US illegally, bringing their children with them. But for the most pro-abortion president in American history to utter that line, and not realize how it boomerangs back on his own stance favoring partial birth abortion, is repugnant. This president seems to have little moral sense about him.

The president’s speech was an exercise in cynical, partisan politics. He was really in Texas just to raise money for his re-election, and to enjoy some quality time in the sunshine with his teleprompter. The nation is dealing with 9% unemployment, falling home prices and skyrocketing energy and food prices. There is never a good time to abrogate the rule of law for the sake of politics, but Obama may have chosen the worst time possible for his immigration initiative.

Update: RCP has video of the president’s other disgraceful line, accusing Republicans of wanting “alligators and moats” on the border. It’s such a joy to have such an unserious, cynical, disingenuous smart aleck occupying the presidency.