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Al Qaeda: Yeah, the Yanks fed bin Laden a heaping helping of lead

Well, for once we can all agree on something.

Al Qaeda on Friday confirmed the killing of Osama bin Laden and warned of retaliation, saying Americans’ “happiness will turn to sadness.”

The confirmation came in an Internet statement posted on militant websites, signed by “the general leadership” of al Qaeda. The announcement opens the way for the group to name a successor to bin Laden. His deputy Ayman al-Zawahri is now the most prominent figure in the group and is a very likely contender to take his place.

The treasure trove of hard drives and documents the SEALs seized in the raid, and about which the government should be shuttin’ up already, may yet lead to Zawahiri, Adam Gadahn and other al Qaeda bigs. The files have already revealed something we already knew, that al Qaeda wanted to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9-11 with another 9-11.

Even though al Qaeda admits bin Laden resides under the sea now, I still want to see the pics.