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Truthers, Birthers & Deathers Got Nothing on Racers

I want to state this unequivocally for those who are just tuning in: Truthers, Birthers and, now, Deathers are crackpots, wingnuts and feeble-minded fools who find it easier to see vast, sinister and complex conspiracies where simple truths are the lone reality.


And while Truthers are probably the most active and vocal group (thank you, Ron Paul (R-TX)), they, like Rep. Paul, are far from being a part of the establishment.

But now, thanks to an appearance by our very own Tony Katz on MSNBC, an establishment-wing of super-wingnuttery has been identified: The Racers.

Don’t like government spending? They’ll call you gun-toting racists.

Don’t think tax hikes will fix the economy? They’ll call you a tea bagging racist.

Protest Obamacare on Capitol Hill? They’ll call you an N-Word shouting racist.

And when crackpot worlds collide, like calling on the President to release his Birth Certificate … you’re a racist. Even though, in this instance, the establishment accuser asked the exact same question months earlier as the crackpot birther.

The problem – for America – with the Racer Movement is that it’s not a fringe movement. Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Janeane Garofalo, NPR, the New York Times, CBS and all the other Race Card-loving individuals and institutions are part of the establishment. (Well, maybe not Garofalo & Olbermann anymore, but even the biggest circus has its clowns). The Racers are not a fringe movement that shows up at events to shout down ideological adversaries. The Racers have the power to destroy.


The Racers host television shows and the Racers run newspapers. Like Truthers, Birthers and Deathers, they can level their baseless charges. But unlike their crackpot brethren, they are the Manhattan-Beltway opinion makers.

And until now, the Racers have been able to get away with their behavior. But now the Racers have to contend with the likes of Andrew Breitbart and thousands of citizen journalists who are circumventing the mainstream media and taking simple truths to an audience that is tired of baseless accusations and complex conspiracy theories.

Need a primer on the Racers? Check out Tony Katz on PJTV.

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