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'Moderate' Muslim Brotherhood's reaction to bin Laden's death not very moderate

The group that stands to capture a slice of power in post-Mubarak Egypt isn’t happy that “Sheikh” bin Laden is dead. They’re also not on board that al Qaeda perpetrated 9-11, or that the “Zionists” still have a country. Here is their reaction statement.

And here’s a Google translation of it. These things are far from perfect, but it’s not hard to get the gist.

I have lived the whole world and especially the Muslims suffered from a fierce media campaign to label Islam with terrorism and Muslims and violence described by the stick incident September 11 al-Qaeda.

Today, the U.S. president has announced that a special task force of U.S. Marines have succeeded in the assassination of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, women and children with a number of his companions, we find that we are facing a new situation.

And they declare the Muslim Brotherhood against the use of violence in general, and against the methods of assassinations, and they with the fair trial of any accused of any crime whatsoever.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls for the world (in general) and the Western world, peoples and governments (in particular) to stop linking Islam with terrorism, and correcting the erroneous image deliberately, which has already promoted a number of years.

And confirms that the Muslim Brotherhood, the legitimate resistance against foreign occupation of any country of the country is a legitimate right guaranteed by divine laws and international conventions, and to confuse between legitimate resistance and violence against innocent people was intended by the Zionist enemy in particular.

And so long as occupation remains legitimate resistance, and the United States and NATO and the European Union Declaration quickly end the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls for the United States to cease its intelligence operations against the violators, and to desist from interfering in the internal affairs of any Arab or Muslim country.

Update: Over on his PJ blog, Sami al-Abasi notes that the above, published in Arabic, doesn’t quite jibe with what the Muslim Brotherhood said of bin Laden’s death in English.