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Obama on OBL - First Thoughts

Just got finished watching President Obama’s speech on the death of Osama Bin Laden, who was confirmed killed a week ago.

What comes through, in such a striking way, is that the President is taking such grand credit for the killing.  Lots of mention of the word “I.”  While he is the Commander-In-Chief, his pushing of his role in this killing is somewhat off-putting.  Shouldn’t the glory go to the troops?

The other thing that shines through is that the President goes out of his way as not to offend Muslims. He reminds us that Bin Laden was not a leader of Islam, he was a madman.  It seems to me that pandering to Muslims is not the answer, nor is it even necessary.

There will be many more conversations coming from Pajamas Media, and from  These are my first thoughts.  What are yours?