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Video: Obama tells frustrated supporters it's 'time to begin again'

Listen champ, a whole lot of people wish it was possible to just wipe away the last couple of years. So this may be the one thing you say that resonates with your opponents, just not for the reasons you hope they do.

Over the last two years, you’ve probably felt some frustration. There have been times when you’ve wanted Washington to change a lot more quickly than it has, and it keeps slipping into those same bad habits. But I want everyone here to remember everything we’ve accomplished over the past two years, and the record of accomplishment in making a difference for ordinary people. Making sure they can get the health care that they need. Making sure that they are able to find a job, or get trained for a job of the future.

Those jobs must all be in some distant, hazy future, because unemployment in the here and now is not improving. Jobless claims hit 429,000, and the economy hit yet another “unexpected” soft patch due to Obamaflation — which, curiously, wasn’t on the prompter. No hints of malaise from this Jimmy Carter retread. As for health care, note the lack of detail or boasting about getting an actual bill passed. Well, that’s probably because ObamaCare is deeply unpopular more than a year after it passed, and the Supreme Court’s decision not to fast-track the cases against it means it will be front and center next year. What was “historic” a year ago is an albatross today. And gas roots activism is spreading to grocery stores now.

Barack Obama would be very happy, and very lucky, if the voters were to allow him to “begin again.” Forget asking why he’s so unpopular in Texas. In Pennsylvania, which he won in 2008 by 10 points, the latest poll has him dead even with a generic Republican and underwater with 53% disapproval. Captain Obvious here: Those are awful re-elect numbers for an incumbent. But, in the video above The One wants his dispirited supporters to press on. His failures aren’t a reason to quit, he says: They’re just a reason to “get more involved.”

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