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Video: Jimmy Carter says US is violating North Koreans' human rights by not paying off their insane tyrant

Jimmy Carter really has never forgiven Americans for firing him in 1980, has he? In the former president’s mind, here’s the logic of his latest statement, transcribed below: If American taxpayers don’t pony up to pay for the food of people on the other side of the world who have been brainwashed to want to exterminate us in nuclear Armageddon, we are violating their human rights.


The human rights of Americans to keep what we earn, and defend it along with our country: Not discussed. Not on Carter’s mind.

The generations of abuse, cruelty and murder the Kim crime family has perpetrated on the North Korean people? The brainwashing? The gulags? The propaganda campaign? The kidnappings of South Koreans and Japanese? Also not on Carter’s mind.

But you, American, are violating North Koreans’ human rights by not automatically opening up your wallet every time Kim gets lonely and starts threatening to turn the Korean peninsula into a sea of fire. Jimmy Carter wants you to be ashamed.

“Chairman and General Secretary Kim Jong-Il sent word that he is willing, and the people of North Korea are willing, to negotiate with South Korea, or with the United States, or with the…other five powers…on any subject, at any time, and without any preconditions. And for the South Koreans, and for the Americans and others, deliberately to withhold food aid to the North Korean people, because of political or military issues not related, is really indeed a human rights violation.”


It’s not like Carter arrived at this strange position due to experiencing the personal charisma of the Dear Leader himself: Kim reportedly wouldn’t even meet with him.

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