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Obama scolds the press

President Obama, the “we have to get serious” version, spoke immediately after Donald Trump. Saying “we’ve got bigger stuff to do,” the president said he was born in Hawaii. He indirectly called Trump a carnival barker. He said that we will not solve our serious problems if we’re distracted by side shows. He scolded the press and the public for asking about his birth certificate, talked about the debt (never taking responsibility for it) and scolded a bit more. And then he walked out, never taking a single question from the press.

Trump, in contrast, took maybe a dozen questions and follow-ups, most of them hostile, and answered all of them. Obama may not have intended to look like he was surrendering, but that’s exactly how he looked today. He looked like he was giving in to pressure, against his will, and couldn’t be bothered to explain his actions leading up to today, or his actions that have made headlines today.

WH spokesman Jay Carney has a briefing at mid-day. There will be fireworks.

Update: This isn’t the actual speech Obama delivered today, but it nearly is. So…did Aaron Sorkin write his remarks today? Michael Douglas certainly played the role of president better than the actual president does.

Update: In comments, Dan brings up a good point. Obama spent the press briefing scolding the press that there are more important things to be talking about. Good point. There are. For instance, while parts of the country suffer disasters, President Obama heads off to high-toned fundraisers 19 months before the election. While gas prices are strangling lower income Americans and bleeding the economy, President Obama goes golfing or otherwise wants to change the subject. While his war that’s not a war in Libya saps American prestige and fractures NATO, this president shows no leadership whatsoever. Let’s talk about all of that.

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