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Gas taxes and gas pump activism (Update: Spanish version linked)

According to the American Petroleum Institute, this is how state-level gas taxes shake out. Click to enlarge.

As it does in every other tax category, California comes off as golden only if you really love to pay way too much to your bloated, inefficient government for the privilege of having it dictate more and more of your life. In fact, with the exception of Florida, the blue states are reliably red when it comes to gas taxes.

These taxes are not, of course, the source of the spike in oil prices. Middle East instability and the Obama administration’s stubborn refusal to increase supply by allowing more domestic oil exploration and drilling are contributing mightily to that. With the 2012 election season on the way, Disrupt the Narrative has a brilliant idea for reminding swing voters that, in one area at least, President Obama has managed to keep a promise. Click to enlarge, and click over to DtN for the full size, printable version. By the way, they’re looking for someone to create a Spanish version of the graphic. Do we have a translator in the house?

Update: Heh.

Update: And now, by popular demand, the Spanish version.