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Video: Obama's campaign guru lays out the 2012 strategy

In which liberals try to recapture lightning in a bottle. From the email that accompanies the video.

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll ask grassroots supporters like you to meet with one another and local organizers to take the first steps to victory on November 6th, 2012.

But before we begin meeting in living rooms and backyards across America, it’s important that we communicate with each other about a set of principles for the organization and our overall strategic thinking about how the race will shape up.

The most important aspect is this: Our campaign will be grounded in President Obama’s experience as a community organizer. This notion of ordinary people taking responsibility for the organization at the neighborhood level is not only the way to win, it’s also the way politics ought to work. Our campaign will be an example of innovation and efficiency, but it will also be an example of civic engagement at its best and most rewarding.

I added the emphasis to note that President Obama is reaching way back in his career for this. Since he was a community organizer, he has been a Con Law professor, a lawyer, a state Senator, a US Senator and President of the United States. Interesting, that he’s not running on any of that experience.

In any regard, this is the stuff the Obama people are good at: Messaging, organizing, training, producing little web videos. Governing, on the other hand, they have proven themselves to be terrible at.

The campaign video also says they’re going to behave like an “insurgent campaign” instead of an incumbent’s campaign. Good luck with that. Stating that particular goal, that clearly, is in poker terms a “tell.” These folks know they have no record to run on. If they had one, there would be something about issues and accomplishments in the video. There isn’t.

Watching the video at the link, it’s obvious that Team Obama is really into metrics. They’re going to measure everything, every call, every contact, every doorknock. Here are some metrics for them.

National debt Before Obama (BO): $10.6 trillion.

National debt After Obama (AO): $13.6 trillion. He has increased the national debt faster than any other president in US history.

National average gas price BO: $1.83.

National average gas price AO: $3.86.

Obama’s policies are partly to blame for gas prices, and pretty much entirely to blame for the insane increase in the national debt. How do ya like them metrics, Democrats?