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Texas Republican's redistricting plan aims to dilute conservative voters

Republican state Rep. Burt Solomons is the House Redistricting Committee chair, appointed by Republican Speaker Joe Strauss.

Solomons’ proposed redistricting plan appears to run counter to the voters’ 2010 mandate, which gave our legislature a GOP super-majority in the House and a strong GOP Senate majority. (Look up Solomons proposal here.)

According to Patriot Statesman, the Solomons proposal “shapes some districts so that Democrats could more readily win rather than conservative Republicans who are in the Legislature right now.”

The Nixon Plan H155 appears to more accurately reflect Texas voters’ desires.

The problem is that the House could vote on the Solomons plan today.

Call your representatives ASAP. Tell them to vote NO on HB150 as is, and to vote yes on  Plan H155 as an amendment to HB 150.

(For more info, read here.)