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Are the illnesses of those who blame islamic violence on Koran burning contagious?

Have any possible similarities occurred to anyone else as among —

►Those who lay the blame at the feet of some jerk guy who burned a Koran in the United States for the subsequent widespread death and destruction in the Islamist World and

►Those who lay the blame at the feet of those jerks Republicans who may try to use debt limit negotiations to reduce spending?  Something they seem to have been unable to accomplish with their gracious and bipartisan colleagues any other way?

[N]othing sensible or mature is on the horizon. Republicans have vowed to extract more heedless spending cuts in exchange for their votes to raise the debt limit. To that end, they seem likely to demand changes to the budget process, like a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, or spending caps.


► The DPRK which claims that if war breaks out between the South and the North all blame must laid at the feet of South Korean jerks running dog lackeys for shunning dialogue for rapprochement?

On Saturday, the North’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, a semi-official organ handling inter-Korean relations, issued a statement denouncing Seoul for “denying dialogue and driving the inter-Korean relations to catastrophe.”

There is, obviously, no need to consider political correctness and lack of personal responsibility, neither of which has anything to do with anything unfortunate. However, could these suspicious “coincidences”  be due to global warming? A Koch Billionaire Brothers conspiracy? Radiation from the Japanese nuclear reactor shutdown?  Something Sarah Palin said? Should the Center for Disease Control investigate whether it’s caused by a virus?  Should funding be sought for additional research to find the cause,  a preventative and a cure?

Oh well. If we can tolerate one we can probably tolerate the others, in suitably multicultural fashion.