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Videos: Leftists demonstrate the new tone of civility, spring flowers and fuzzy bunnies

Just kidding. This guy screams obscenities at a 14-year-old girl while she speaks at the Madison, WI Tea Party rally over the weekend. Language warning.

(via The Blaze)

And here’s a crowd of lovely leftists, some flying the bird, some seeming to struggling to use any word with more than four letters, and a nice gentleman, explaining that he wipes his backside with the American flag. Big language warning.

So why post this? Because this is who the left is. Here on the right, we’re not going to make the mistake the Arizona Cardinals made when they faced the Chicago Bears a few years back — we’re not going to let the left off the hook. If this is how they choose to present themselves and their “arguments,” then we’ll pass that information on. The mainstream media certainly won’t do it.

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