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First UC Irvine... now Brandeis

When I was a kid, it was a mystery to me how people allowed Hitler to happen. I just couldn’t believe such crazy thinking could become commonplace in a democracy. But recent events at UC Irvine… and now Brandeis… have at last made things all too clear. A certain portion of the Jewish community suffers from a collective version of the Stockholm Syndrome. Earlier this month, Israel National News had this report from Jewish Brandeis University:

Anti-Zionists at Brandeis have taken their turn at trying to silence free speech, one year after California students silenced Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. This time, Kadima Knesset Member Avi Dichter was their target and was called a “war criminal.”

Members of Brandeis University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (BSJP) boisterously halted a university panel discussion of six visiting members of the Israeli Knesset Monday evening, shouting for the arrest of “war criminals.” Security personnel peacefully escorted them out of the hall.

Approximately a dozen students accused Dichter, former head of the Israel Security Agency, of torture and being responsible for the bombing of civilians. They tried to distribute arrest warrants before being led away.

Here’s some video of the juvenile “progressives” in action:

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