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Exclusive at PJM: Did Obama and Holder scuttle terror finance prosecutions?

Patrick Poole looks into the story of how the Obama-Holder DOJ is mishandling terror finance cases.

According to my source, the chief reason outlined in the DOJ memo declining to prosecute CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad was the issue of potential jury nullification. The first Holy Land Foundation trial in 2007 ended in a hung jury. When the case was retried in 2008, all five defendants, former executives of the Holy Land Foundation, were convicted on all 108 counts.

But, according to our DOJ source, possible jury nullification was hardly the primary issue in the DOJ’s scuttling of the terror finance prosecutions. “This was a political decision from the get-go,” the source said.

Once you’ve read that, recall that this administration did everything it could to grant al Qaeda war criminal Khalid Sheik Mohamed the same right to civilian trial as American citizens, recall its failure to go after narcoterrorist Walid Makled, and you have a very disturbing trend.