Video: A song for the sheeple

I can almost guarantee that you’ve never heard either of this band or this song, but I wore out their cassettes when I was a kid. This song, “Ba Ba Ba Ba,” is a haunting one. Though it’s from 1984, it sounds like it could’ve been written about Obama and his true believer followers. Especially after Monday night’s strange un-war speech on Libya.


Welcome to the truth custom made
Come in and have some lemonade
Reality will readjust while we evade
The issues that are pressing us
And getting so depressing but
Undressing and unstressing
Makes them go away

We’re tired of solid ground
We’re wired up for sound
From any fool who’ll keep us
Cool with all his lies
Cool with all his lies

We believe, we believe
Cuz we felt it burning in our hearts

Hope ‘n change for the masses. The band is called The 77’s.That obscure phrase you hear toward the end is German, and I believe it’s saying “like sheep led to the slaughter.”

I met the band’s lead singer, Mike Roe, in a church basement a few years ago. He still has extreme hair.


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