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PJTV covers True the Vote

Over the weekend I traveled to Houston, TX to cover the first ever True the Vote national summit for both the Tatler and PJTV. I covered it guerrilla video style, with help on camera from Marie Mazzanti. We interviewed a number of the experts who were on hand to promote election integrity.


First up, we spoke with former Sen. Norm Coleman about the importance of eliminating vote fraud, and we spoke with the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund about his new book, Stealing Elections, and about the appalling flaws in our election system.

Pajamas Media’s own J. Christian Adams advises the state of Texas on how it should proceed once its voter ID bill becomes law. And Hans von Spakovsky crushes the left’s mantra that voter ID depresses voter turnout.

We’ll have more interviews from the True the Vote summit throughout the day, including my one-on-one with Andrew Breitbart.

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