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Ex-ACORN boss admits that Lerner is still on the SEIU payroll

Many bloggers reported that Stephen Lerner, the SEIU man who was caught on tape elaborating on a plot to attack JP Morgan Chase and wage economic war on the country, had been fired by that union last fall. Well, Wade Rathke, the leftist who founded ACORN, says that’s not true. Don’t get me wrong, he basically admits that the plot Lerner described is real. He just says that Lerner hasn’t actually been fired by SEIU at all.

Lerner has not been “fired” by SEIU as they report.  He was placed on paid leave last fall to think through his contribution to the union, but was certainly present at the recent international executive board meeting.  He’s in a curious position no doubt, but it’s something like being an “injured reserve” in the NFL and waiting for the team to find a place to bring him back on the roster.

It’s worth reading Rathke’s entire post, and to click over to The Blaze to read Scott Baker’s take on it. Says Baker:

This is important for several reasons — not the least of which is that this ties the plot to destroy the American economy much more closely within the ranks of the organization that time and time again President Obama has declared to be most important to him strategically and politically.

Indeed. Barack Obama has SEIU in his gut, and he declared that he wants to “paint the nation purple” on behalf of and with the help of that union. Watch him chant their name.

To borrow from Prof. Reynolds, they told me that if I voted for John McCain, we would see America under the sway of a secretive president and his dangerous and extreme friends. And they were right!