Texas Dem state Rep pulls knife on hubby, Dallas Mayor caught in web of lies: Police tape hits the streets.

The Democrat is state Rep. Barbara Caraway. Her district is in the Dallas area. On January 2, her husband, Dallas Mayor Dwaine Caraway, called the police on a domestic disturbance. Questions soon arose as to just what went down that night, and Mr. Caraway tried the lie first:


Caraway called Dallas Police Chief David Brown and asked him to send an elite team of investigators to his home to investigate a disturbance. Caraway later told reporters the disturbance involved two guests, “Arthur and Archie,” who were arguing about football.

Problem: That wasn’t true. He was really in a big fight with Mrs. Caraway (the state Rep.) about some aprons. Archie and Arthur may not even exist. But there was a police tape of the incident, and Mayor Caraway fired up the city machinery to keep that tape away from the press and the public. I’ll let Texas Watchdog pick up the story from there.

After involving everyone from Dallas Police Chief David Brown, the city attorney and the state Attorney General to obstruct our public freedom to indulge in tawdry information, it took a Dallas judge to get Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway to hand over a police recording of a domestic violence call to his home on Jan. 2.

It pretty much turned out to be what everybody expected, a battle royal between Caraway and his wife, state Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway, D-Dallas, according to the tape released today and carried by NBC Dallas Fort Worth.

While pretending not to be a bit interested in the lurid circumstances of a politician pulling a knife on another politician to whom he happens to be married, what is fascinating is how much taxpayer-financed civic machinery got cranked up to keep a police blotter item secret.

Not to mention questions about what is to be done about the mayor pro tem’s original and now discredited account of what prompted him to call police in the first place, involving friends Archie and Arthur who may or may not exist.


The tape, at the NBC link above, is really something. Mr. Caraway admits without saying directly, that his wife, a woman who has some impact on the lives of everyday Texans, is violently crazy. She pulled a knife on him, it was quite the brouhaha. He sounds like a patient man on the tape, but to the public he has repeatedly lied. Rep. Caraway is on the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee (yeah) and the Urban Affairs Committee in the state House. Their domestic dispute ended up embroiling major figures in city government. Mayor Caraway still has yet to tell the whole truth about all this. He called his loss in court yesterday, the battle to block the release of the tapes, “another win for the high dollar people.” In Austin for the legislative session, Rep. Caraway has yet to comment at all. The Texas Democratic Party is likewise mum about two of its electeds being involved in all this, but surely Matt “Shadow Party” Angle will note this over on his watchdog site shortly. Riiiight.

These two Dallas Democrats are still scandal amateurs compared to what goes on in Detroit, but it sounds like they’re trying to catch up in a hurry.


Oh, in case you’re wondering, yes, this is the same mayor who gave Michael Vick a key to the city of Dallas.

Update: From the comments at Ace – It was just a “kinetic household debate.” But was it time-limited, scope-limited?


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