'I have better people advising me than the president does.'

So says comedian Jimmy Fallon, during an interview with “newsman” Brian Williams.

“It feels like, to me, that President Obama is playing soccer in Rio with kids and Hillary Clinton seems to be really stepping up, almost like she’s being very presidential, I feel like. Isn’t it weird?”


Williams gave Obama a bit more credit, arguing that the machinery of the presidency follows Obama wherever he goes, enabling him to keep working outside of Washington. Fallon, however, wasn’t buying it.

“Why is he there again?” he asked, referring to Obama’s trip to Brazil. “To have canceled this costs so much money — he can’t get a refund? Come on! What is going down, he’s making NCAA, doing his brackets on ESPN, I mean, who’s advising him?”

Williams attributed Fallon’s comments to a “little political ‘tude,” rather than noting that Fallon was stating the bleeding obvious. Far be it from a member of the drive-by media to acknowledge that Obama is just not behaving as we’re used to presidents behaving in times of crisis.


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