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A scandalous débutante from the DOJ comes out

Julie Fernandes is coming out.  She is the scandal-plagued Deputy Assistant Attorney General who gave orders that the Department of Justice would not enforce federal laws to remove dead and felon voters from the voter rolls.  She also gave instructions that no more cases like the New Black Panther case would be brought during her reign.  The Department has hidden her, and prevented her from briefing Congressmen, nixed her attendance at a European conference along with AAG Tom Perez, and shielded her from all manner of public scrutiny.  After PJ Tatler broke the story that the Department was finally letting her out of the bag, she was promptly put back in the bag.  Too many questions might be asked.

Alas, it appears Fernandes is back OUT of the bag.  She will be appearing at a seminar with fellow traveler Kristen Clarke of the NAACP, most recently famous for lobbying the DOJ to dismiss the New Black Panther case.  Their appearance oddly will be funded by the “Jewish Community Relations Council of NY” and “American Jewish Committee.”  For reporters, citizens (or Congressional staff) who want to register to ask Fernandes questions about lawless DOJ policies on Section 5 objections, the New Black Panthers, failures to protect military voters and refusal to enforce Section 8 of Motor Voter, they can register here.  Hurry, “space is limited” for the debut, especially for critics.