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More Syria: Tanks Move In To Dara'a

It will be interesting to ask our strategists/policy makers why, if it’s so important to defend the Libyan people against Qadaffi, it isn’t at least equally important to defend the Syrian people against Assad, and of course the Iranian people against Khamenei and Ahmadinejad.  At least the Iranians get a forceful speech from the president, and some sanctions.  The Syrians barely get a mention in the popular press.

Here’s the latest from the Reform Party of Syria:

Dara’a. Video of another Syrian skilled in Dara’a tonight as security men, wearing civilian clothes, have infiltrated the city.

Dreaded 4th Battalion has entered the city of Dara’a. Tanks have taken positions in the town center and the Mahata area. Wholesale arrests by name of Syrians who took to the streets. Some of the latest are: Issa al-Mossalameh, Mohammad al-Moussalmeh, Shoukri al-Mahamid, Issam al-Mahamid.

Also, dead today is a 14-year old boy, Mounzer al-Moussalmeh, who succumbed to his injuries resulting from the tear gas used. WE ASK DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS TO SEND PEOPLE TO DARA’A TO INVESTIGATE THE TEAR GAS USED AGAINST UNARMED CIVILIANS.

Douma. On the outskirts of Damascus, Al-Arabiya confirmed another demonstration today in support of the people of Dara’a.

Jassem. Video of demonstrations in Jassem today in support of the people of Dara’a.

Dail. Video of a night demonstration in Dail (Wait to the end of the video) in support of the people of Dara’a. Dail is a town north of Dara’a.

Nawa. Unconfirmed reports of large demonstrations in the town of Nawa (Located between Jassem and Dail).

Qamoshli. A video of Syrians protesting at night in Qamoshli. This makes it the 5th city or town today to experience street demonstrations.

Damascus. Tens of Syrians have been detained outside the Omayyad Mosque. Some names: Ammar Shorbaji, Nayef Ayoub Shabban, Moujahed al-Atrash, Ammar badr, Iyad Abdul Kareem Noureddine, etc..

New Facebook Page. Million Signature to Topple Baschar al-Assad is becoming quite a popular page.