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Obama to Iranians: It's All About ME

The president released his Nowruz (Spring, aka Persian New Year) video message, directing his words–mostly very good words–especially at young Iranians.  The guts of it:

you – the young people of Iran – carry within you both the ancient greatness of Persian civilization, and the power to forge a country that is responsive to your aspirations. Your talent, your hopes, and your choices will shape the future of Iran, and help light the world.   And though times may seem dark, I want you to know that I am with you.

I especially like that “ancient greatness of Persian civilization” bit, since it will produce intense indigestion in the Tehran corridors of power.  In fact, the traditional Nowruz celebration (the fire festival) itself is banned by the Islamic Republic, devoted as it is to the extirpation of fun.

But that last sentence reminds us that Obama has still not learned that presidents are supposed to speak for all of us, for America.  It is not about him at all, it’s about our country, our policy, our kids and spouses and dads and moms who risk their lives for us, and about the American people, who will bear the consequences of policies enacted during his brief time in office.

We the people endure.  Presidents come and go.

Oh, one other thing:  if you’re with them, why don’t you do anything for them?  And why do you keep cozying up to their torturers and killers?

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