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Candidate Obama! Let us protest the rush to war!

So I’m pinching from a post that appeared on my personal blog yesterday. The dire situation, however, demands it.

“I call on Candidate Obama to protest President Obama!”

Obama’s most excellent Libyan adventure: Tragi-comedy or Comi-tragedy? (The obvious pun, Commie-tragedy, is possibly more accurate, but aye, such a low blow. But compared to the year in year out slanders promulgated by the Bush Derangement Syndrome crowd, utterly mild.) Whatever the headline, this moment is so rich. With Obama’s most excellent Libyan adventure we are witnessing a Bonfire of the Hard Left Hypocrisies (apologies to Tom Wolfe). What’s the plural of hypocrite? The DailyKos? Naw, that’s a collective. Copperheads? An American Civil War reference, but getting closer.

Internet literalists will write “Why, the plural of hypocrite is hypocrites.” True, but that provides so little solace for Obama, Howard Dean, and Code Pink.

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