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Attn.: Libyan generals. Don't give out your cellphone numbers

It’s good advice to everyone, don’t give out your cell numbers to people you don’t know, but it’s especially good advice these days to Gaddafi’s military. From the Daily Mail:

British intelligence is warning Colonel Gaddafi’s generals that it could be fatal to remain loyal to the Libyan leader.

MI6 spies and military officials are contacting commanders in Tripoli trying to persuade them to defect, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Their message is blunt: ‘General, we’ve got the GPS co-ordinates of your command post. They are programmed into a Storm Shadow missile. What do you want to do?’

Was it one of those Storm Shadow missiles that just hit Gaddafi’s compound? Who knows? But I told you guys a thousand times, when the App asks if it can use your current location, just say no.

And BTW, just where is the Colonel these days? As we know, the gonzo dictator’s had so much plastic surgery a little more won’t hurt. Who knows where he’ll wind up? And as whom?

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