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French jets strike Libya

If the French had been a bit more of an ally when Gaddafi murdered US troops in the 1980s, we might not be at this predicament now.

French warplanes struck against Libya on Saturday, after leaders from the Arab world, Africa, the United States and other western powers approved action to protect civilians under threat from the Gaddafi regime.

Defence officials said French aircraft destroyed four tanks in strikes southwest of the rebel-held city of Benghazi.

Earlier Nicolas Sarkozy said aircraft were over Libya preventing attacks on Benghazi after the leaders met in Paris to discuss a military response to the civil war in Libya.

He said the aim of intervention was not regime change but to “allow the Libyan people to choose their own destiny”.

That’s dumb. We’re in the fight now and we have picked a side. You either see that side through to victory, or you abandon them to their fate. But with the country embroiled in a civil war, no one in Libya is in a position “choose their own destiny.” It’s either win or lose. The Allies don’t sound like we’re in to win.

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