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The new civility apparently includes cyberstalking and physical threats (Updated: Author of letter identified)

Linked over at Althouse, but you really need to read the entire threatening letter. It’s three full pages of tolerant, loving lefties writing what amounts to a blackmail letter to someone whose politics they don’t like.

There’s no question that the threat should be taken seriously. But here’s a question: Can Althouse take this to the police? Their unions have chosen a side in this debate, and it’s not her side.

Me: I probably wouldn’t trust them. All it will take is one officer involved in the case who is a bit more of a union man than an police officer, and you have a potential problem.

Update: The author of the threatening screed is now crying in his milk, claiming that the right has forced him to commit some sort of “identity suicide.” After, incredibly, claiming there’s some campaign to silence him.  As if his threats against Althouse did not constitute a campaign to silence her.

Drama queen, much, lefty?

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