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Sen. Bayh, Democratic hero is now a goat for joining Fox News

Quiet Evan Bayh, who retired from the Senate last year as a Democratic hero now is a Democratic goat.

The reason?  Because he has joined Fox News as an analyst. This has sparked a venomous response as reported this morning as resported in Politico.

His Democratic colleagues were silent when the Senator began cleaning up at a financial investment shop, The Apollo Global Management, a la Al Gore.  And they were quiet when he joined a lobby shops McGuire Woods like the legions of other Democrats who today populate K Street.

But they are spitting up at the prospect that such a gentleman should express his views on that villainous television network. Politico says Democrats characterized his move as “a brazen provocation.”  (perhaps taken from a page from Pyongyang Radio?)

Interestingly, last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsed the Qatar-based TV network al Jazeera saying it reported “real news.”  This week Democrats foam at the mouth about one of their own deciding to exercise his right to free speech by joining the American TV network Fox News.

Funny world we live in.

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