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Hillyer vs Yellow Racialist Journalists at the Washington Post

Tatler has covered the journalist malpractice of Adam Serwer at the Washington Post and the barely-read Prospect here and here.  Today, Quin Hillyer has this piece about race, ideologically rotted reporting about race, and factual inaccuracies at the Washington Post by one particular writer covering felon voting, the New Black Panthers and the Justice Department.  Hillyer:

His cheap shots would be laughable if they weren’t so indicative of how the left and their establishment media cheerleaders (sorry for the redundancy) heaps the same calumny on conservatives every chance they get. It’s long past time we fight back — and long past time for the serious journalists at places like the Washington Post to stop allowing even so much as an inch of their cyber-print to those of Serwer’s low ilk.

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