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NFL talks collapse

Last week the NFL and the players union failed to agree to a deal that would prevent a lockout, so they agreed to extend the talks for a week. At the deadline today, the talks fell apart and the union decertified.

Talks between the National Football League and its players union collapsed Friday, with the players filing paperwork in federal court to decertify their union.

With no further talks scheduled the dispute is now moving to the courts. NFL owners would likely lock out the players, unless the courts prohibit them from doing so and the union will likely file an antitrust lawsuit against the league.

Decertifying means the labor dispute is headed to court.

By decertifying the union, the players now have the ability to sue the NFL owners for violating antitrust laws if they attempt to lock them out, something they would have been forced to wait six months to do without decertification.

Court means delays, which means the 2011-12 NFL season is very very much in doubt. I’m glad I’ve been sharpening up on my English Premiere League soccer…

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