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Japan: Possible radiation leak at damaged nuclear power plant (Update: Radiation at 1000x normal levels)


A radiation leak could occur at the Fukushima nuclear plant north of Tokyo in the aftermath of an 8.9-magnitude earthquake, Japanese Trade Minister Banri Kaieda told Kyodo News Friday.

Any amount of radiation leakage “would be small,” Kaieda said.

Some 2,800 residents living near the Fukushima nuclear plant were urged to evacuate Friday.  Engineers had been unable to pump water to cool the nuclear reactor at a northeastern power plant crippled by the 8.9-magnitude earthquake for several hours.

Reports also say the pressure is rising in the reactor, which is not unexpected. The US has rushed coolant to Japan to help them deal with the reactor.

Update: Bad sign from the nuclear plant.

Radiation levels in Fukushima Daiichi plant central control unit is 1,000 times normal, Kyodo says

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