Conservatives: wrong, even when they're right

Liberal WaPo columnist Ruth Marcus defended the King hearings in her latest column, which is notable. But my favorite passage in her piece was this:

Yes, there are other sources of terrorism. Radical Islam is the biggest and most dangerous. And, yes, King is a flawed questioner. But the question he poses is an appropriate — and important — one.


“King is a flawed questioner.” Presumably he’s a racist or something.

Expect to see plenty more of the “I’m not conservative, only my opinions are” stance presented, or perhaps the “conservatives are right, but for the wrong reason” parry, as more lefties look to save their jobs/actually consider the flaws inherent in their arguments. This allows them to appear open-minded and reasonable without having to actually declare adherence to an undoubtedly conservative opinion, and thus never get invited to another dinner party.


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