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Rush Limbaugh mentions the Tatler

It’s always an honor to get a mention on the Doctor of Democracy’s show. Today, he cited our post from last night about the WI Democrat telling Republican union members to get another job if they don’t like how their union dues are used.

Also, this from The Tatler: “State Rep. Nick Milroy is the Democratic state representative from Wisconsin’s 73rd assembly district.”  He was on the radio.  One of the hosts “pointed out that union membership was split by their votes in 2010, 49% for Democrats and 47% for Republicans, nearly an even split.” But, despite the fact that union members vote almost 50-50 Republican-Democrat, “unions donated 93% of their total contributions to Democrats.” Only 7% to Republicans, yet half of the union members vote Republican.  So there’s quite a disparity.  Union members vote 50-50, essentially, but 93% of their dues goes to Democrats.  “The question was asked if the assemblyman could understand why Republicans were not in favor of having tax payer funded dues go to fund Democrat campaigns?  The assemblyman contended that public employees can opt out of the unions.  But when pressed about how even those that opt out must pay union dues, the assemblyman suggested that those people that didn’t want to be part of a union could find other work.”

He said if people don’t like paying union dues that are used to support Democrat candidates they can always get another job.  So be it.  That’s your choice.  If you don’t like the way your union dues is being spent, quit the union, get another job.  If people don’t like paying dues that are used to support Democrat candidates they can always get another job.  Notice how this is a one-way street.  And how about these union members voting for Republicans getting literally no representation whatsoever for their donations?  Zilch, zero, nada.  Of course the point here is not quitting, people don’t like paying union dues.  That’s not the point.  The point is what about the taxpayers who don’t like paying the dues?  Because that’s who’s paying the dues.

Can we go through this again?  What we have here is a money laundering operation.  You have public sector employees.  They are members of public unions.  These public unions support Democrats 95% to 100% of the time with money.  Who pays the salaries of state unionized employees?  Taxpayers do.