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In for a penny, in for a trillion

HR1 — with the House’s $61 billion in spending cuts — just failed in the Senate. Some Republicans sided with the Democrats, apparently unaware of two little things:

1. The Tea Party.

2. Primaries.

I’ll have names momentarily.

UPDATE: From Daily Caller’s Chris Moody’s Twitter stream, we learn that “Senate Republicans DeMint, Lee and Paul joined unanimous Dems to vote against the House CR bill w/ $61 billion in cuts.”

Jim DeMint, I’ll remind you, was the same fool who said you can’t be a fiscal conservative without being a social conservative — much to the offense of small-l libertarians like myself. But it seems DeMint isn’t much of a fiscal conservative himself.

Still looking for an explanation behind Paul’s vote. Any guesses, other than impractical idealism? A cut is a cut, and we need to take some ground.

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