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WI Dems returning soon?

Their best strategy at this point would be to return, let the state Senate actually vote on the budget bill, and then turn that into an issue in the next election. Or force recalls. They can’t keep the Senate out of business forever.

The leader of the 14 Wisconsin Senate Democrats who left the state last month to block legislation that would curb public-employee union rights said the senators plan to return “in the relatively near future,” because negotiations with the governor have failed….

“We are now looking at returning to the state capitol and requiring the senators to take a vote and have them declare who they’re with — the workers or the governor,” Mr. Miller said Sunday. He said he thinks recent polls have been “disastrous” for Mr. Walker and give Democrats more leverage to seek budget changes.

Chris Schrimpf, a spokesman for the governor, said, “If the governor made his decisions based on polling, he would still be in the general assembly. The voters elected people to make the difficult decisions to balance the budget and create an environment where 250,000 jobs can be created by the private sector.”

For Walker and the GOP, the fleebag’s return followed by the bill’s passage would only be the beginning. They will need to get on an education kick in short order to educate the voters of Wisconsin on what the bill does and doesn’t do, and why it does what it does. They have nearly lost the first round of the messaging war, but clear and consistent messaging can turn the polls back in their favor. On Friday I offered some suggestions for getting that turnaround going.