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Disgraceful: Iran gets elevated to UN body on women's rights, with US approval

Today, Iran becomes a full-member of the UN’s top women’s rights body, the UN Commission on the Status of Women.  It was elected by the UN General Assembly – by consensus, meaning with the approval of the United States.

Here is what the Commission is supposed to be doing:  “”The Commission on the Status of Women…is dedicated exclusively to gender equality and advancement of women. It is the principal global policy-making body. Every year, representatives of Member States gather at United Nations Headquarters in New York to evaluate progress on gender equality, identify challenges, set global standards and formulate concrete policies to promote gender equality and advancement of women worldwide.”

Here is what Iran is doing:  Iranian judges can, and do, sentence women to death by stoning for alleged adultery.  And according to the State Department’s latest report: “Spousal rape is not illegal… Rape:…according to the penal code…four male witnesses or three men and two women are required for conviction…A man may escape punishment for killing a wife caught in the act of adultery if he is certain she was a consenting partner…[I]n 2008 50 honor killings were reported during a seven-month period…The punishment for perpetrators was often a short prison sentence…A woman has the right to divorce only if her husband signs a contract granting that right, cannot provide for his family, or is a drug addict, insane, or impotent. A husband was not required to cite a reason for divorcing his wife…The testimony of two women is equal to that of one man…”

Apparently good enough to qualify Iran for the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Here’s video of what it takes for Iran to prove to the UN it’s doing a great job protecting women’s rights.