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Video: Watch Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and other regimes laud Libya's human rights record

This video makes a very good case that the United Nations is simply beyond all hope. Watch as the mouthpieces for some of the world’s worst dictatorial regimes lavish praise upon Gaddafi’s Libya for being so terrific and wonderful, a paradise on earth, really, when it comes to human rights.


On Wednesday, the UN General Assembly suspended Libya from its Human Rights Council.  They had good reason to run fast in the opposite direction, but here’s one reason they owe Libyan human rights victims more than an apology.  Watch the UN’s top human rights body, the UN Human Rights Council, in action.  This is its procedure called the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) – said to be its “number one” achievement for the protection of human rights.  And this is how it was applied to Libya by the Council only three months ago.

That Libya ever gained a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council makes a joke of everyone involved. That the UN, even in the face of Gaddafi’s bloody campaign to hold onto his throne after four decades of absolute rule, couldn’t permanently toss Libya instead of just suspending it amounts to a second punch line.

–thanks to Anne Bayefsky for sending us the video.

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