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Why Americans love Chris Christie, Reason #1,000,006

Matt Bai, writing in today’s New York Times:

While Christie has flatly ruled out a presidential run in 2012, there is enough conjecture about the possibility that I felt moved to ask him a few weeks ago if he found it exhausting to have to constantly answer the same question. “Listen, if you’re going to say you’re exhausted by that, you’re really taking yourself too seriously,” Christie told me, then broke into his imitation of a politician who is taking himself too seriously. “ ‘Oh, Matt, please, stop asking me about whether I should be president of the United States! The leader of the free world! Please stop! I’m exhausted by the question!’ I mean, come on. If I get to that point, just slap me around, because that’s really presumptuous. What it is to me is astonishing, not exhausting.”

It’s a pretty kind piece from Bai, despite dropping the occasional adjective like “well-worn” or “fleshy.” But the important thing is how Christie comes across and the one word answer is: Blunt.

These are tough times, but our politicians remain as glib as ever. That’s why Christie stands out. It isn’t his size, it’s the fact that he’s the one guy telling us the hard facts no one else will.